5 Steps to Treating Your Writing Like Your Business: Part 1


Given the number of writers who work from home on their own, the number of would-be writers out there and the number of people who think writing is, well, super easy, I thought it was time to talk about what it means to be a working writer. (Emphasis on the word “work.”)

Each day this week, Monday to Friday, we’ll examine one step “working writers” should be doing to grow their skills, their business and their word count. 

​Each day’s “tip” will include an exercise designed to get you motivated and on your way to being a working writer.


You may not have to punch a time clock or log into your computer at exactly 9am every day, but you should have set hours when you are working. Ideally, they should be the same hours everyday (at least when starting out) so you can get in the habit of writing regularly. Being a working writer is like having an other “job” and takes the same dedication you would if you were working as a doctor on a rotation or a server at a restaurant. 

EXERCISE: Take out your planner or daily calendar and find a half-hour time slot where you can write at least three times this week. Try to up the number of days you are writing as you get more and more used to having a set writing schedule.

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