Achdus Club, Book Two Is Done! 

Well, technically, it’s just the second draft that’s done, but it’s  a huge relief and I am thrilled with how the book reads. I am still working on a title for the novel, but my editor has all of my revisions and edits. I’m happy to report I managed to overcome the sagging middle and create some new tension. (You’ll have to read the book to see how.)

The book still has to be reviewed again by my editor and then it’s on to the copy editor. My editor has already pointed out some good problems that I need to address and I have no doubt the copy editor will do the same. 

For book one, The New Girl, the copy editor noticed that I had the characters picking up or putting down their backbags/book bags/school bags — no less than three times in just one scene! Needless to say, I appreciated her pointing that out so I could find something better for my characters to do in the scene.

The cover artist is already working on creating the cover and as soon as I have something to show, I’ll be happy to post. 

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