Happy Pesach!!


With a deadline looming and Pesach (Passover) just around the corner, I want to wish everyone a very Happy Pesach! And if you’re interested in reading up about the holiday, enjoy these links to some stories I’ve written. (They are not all from this year.)

Pre-Passover Checklist ‘Sell Your Chametz’: Making a Jewish Practice More Widespread Through Technology. 

Still Time to Reserve a Spot at the Seder: Interactive List of More than 2,400 Community Seders Worldwide

Post-Bombing Aid for Victims & Families Before Pesach: Chabad Terror Victims Project visits hospials 

Passover Provisions for Military at Home & Abroad: Aleph Institute Provides for Thousands

Where to Find Kosher for Passover Food Off-the-Beaten Track

Shmurah Matzah on More Tables Than Ever Before: Thanks to the Rebbe’s campaign, better distribution and production this matzah is everywhere

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