Having Fun With Young Aspiring Writers


This week I had a fantastic first. I did a webcast with aspiring first- and second-grade authors at a Jewish day school in the Philadelphia area. We talked about how an author gets ideas from things they see every day. The children had prepared questions like “Were you always a author?” and “Why do you like being an author?” 

They also showed me their “heart maps,” where they wrote down things that were most important to them as a way of brainstorming for the books they will be writing in the next few weeks. I thought it was a very clever approach to the old adage, write what you know. 

​While I wasn’t actually in the room, we had a great and engaging conversation. I thought being on a screen would be limiting, but it worked out really well. I think we all took something away from the class, and I can’t wait to see how their stories come out.

​This was the second school program, I’ve done recently. Just last week, I had a great afternoon with the students at a Jewish school in Morristown. I was thrilled by the enthusiasm of the kids and their great questions. My favorite was did I ever give up and not finish a story. (There was a long, long answer to that one and a good idea for a blog down the road.)

What was really interesting was that students from both schools had the same  question — how did you make the picture on the cover and can your next book have pictures inside? Well, I’m not sure about the pictures inside, but I did tell them that the cover was made by a fantastic artist named Dena, and I have no idea how she did it. (I have absolutely no drawing skills.) 

If you’d like me to come in and meet with your students and talk about how a writer gets their ideas, how to use words to say what you want the reader to see and more, please let me know. 

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