How do you feel then you get corrections?

This blog post was inspired by my last school visit of the 2017-2018 school year. The principal had sent me a list of about 15 questions that students had come up with for me to answer. A number of them I’ve gotten before, but for some reason the question about corrections, which in publishing we refer to as edits/edit notes/revisions, resonated with me.

Now, it could be that it hit particularly close to home as I had just (literally the afternoon before my talk) gotten the copy edits back on my fall release, “Layla’s Vistaville Summer.” The edits were happily very minor.

I was actually feeling pretty good about getting the “corrections,” as the kids called it. I mean who wouldn’t want to get a nearly clean edit letter?

If only it was that simple. The fact is the manuscript had gone through several drafts and numerous changes before the copy editor ever saw it. (There’s was also a second round of copy edits that were sent two days later.)

Getting revision requests and making edits are a good thing in my mind. Assuming you are with a good, reputable publisher and working with quality editors, they will have your book’s best interest in mind when they ask you to make any changes.

As for how I answered the student who asked how I feel about getting corrections from my eidtor, I told her what I’ll tell you it’s kind of like getting back the test you thought you’d aced only to discover there were some mistakes. (Maybe you really do learn everything you need to know about life in grade school.)




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