1. Where did you get the idea for Layla’s Vistaville Summer?

Growing up I loved reading mysteries and always dreamed of finding my own hidden treasure.

2. Was any part of the book inspired by real events?

Yes. When I was younger I remember searching my Aunt Rose’s attic and basement for hidden treasures. Not that these items were hidden, but I did find a tin full of sewing items (mostly buttons if I remember correctly) in the attic and a hardcover copy of Little Women from 1924 in the basement. My Bubby (Irene) had won the book for her sewing skills as a child in grade school.

As for the names of the streets, growing up the streets around my neighborhood were named by the developer for members of his family. This inspired one of the pieces of the story.

3. Is Vistaville a real place?

Nope! Though Aunt Rivkah’s house was inspired by a picture of a real Queen Anne home.

4. Do people really find things hidden in the walls of their homes?

Yes! There have been plenty of cases of people opening walls or floors and discovering old items.  Click here to see what was uncovered during renovations at Buckingham Palace!