Midmonth writing check-in

Getting stuck writing the same scene over and over can feel like you’re just going in circle.

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who posted on and off the blog about having a Jewish book festival for readers and writers. Everyone’s comments were enormously helpful.

I’ll have some more thoughts and things to say on the topic in a future blogpost. For right now, though, if you have any more ideas or would like to get involved with the “Read Religiously Book Fest,” as I”m calling it right now, feel free to reach out and let me know.

In other writing news, I’m knee-deep in the middle of Achdus Club, book four. In fact, I’ve been stuck literally in the middle of the book at the exact same spot for nearly five days. I’ll sit and write. I’ll review some of what I wrote, I’ll revise slightly. Then I’ll delete some text and add some more.

The result was that I wasn’t making any forward progress. I was stuck around 10,100 words. Worse, I was trying to force a scene that wasn’t working no matter what I did.

That’s when I remembered some advice I’d heard from a published author many years ago: If you are forcing a scene it probably doesn’t need to be there. If you stuck with “writer’s block” on the same scene maybe you just need to take it out.

So I did. I took the scene out. Then I promptly wrote some 1,200 words in one sitting. Came back and wrote some more.

And you know what? I don’t miss the scene at all. The fact is, I really didn’t need it. The point I was trying to make with the scene was overly complicated and I had already addressed it early in the story. By trying to force the issue to be “revisited” rather than reminding the reader of what I wanted them to know, I would have lost them in a scene that was boring and uninspired.

Hopefully, the forward momentum will continue now and I’ll be able to reach my August 1 deadline!

Question: Have you ever got stuck at a particular point in your story or with a scene that wasn’t work? How did you handle it? Leave your tips below! 

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