Motivational Monday – Happy 2017


Happy 2017! It’s a great time to be a writer. Never before have so many different path and opportunities been available to people who are willing to work hard and make their word stand out.

I know that some days are harder than others to get into the swing of things, which is why my goal for 2017 is to give you a bit of motivation each Monday morning to help you start your writing week on the write track.

To start the new year, here’s my thought (or poem or bad attempt a poem) and it’s a bit silly, but go with it:

New Year
New You
New Year
New Do
Do, Write, Do
Do, Write, You 
You Do Write
Write You Do! 

Ok, hokey, corny, I know … but it’s 2017 and it’s time to get busy. So, really, just go write! 

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