My Story Is Stuck


I’d love to tell you that I’ve been superproductive the last few days and I’ve written thousands upon thousands of words. The reality is that while I have written several thousand words, they were not for my book. Well, some of them were, but those were few and far between. 

You see I’m stuck. I know there are some things I still need to go back and research (and don’t ask me why I don’t reseach everything before I start writing my novels, because it’s just the way it’s always been) and what I learn during that research will add depth to the story.  But instinctively I know that I made a wrong turn somewhere. 

I’m going to keep plowing, or in this case, slogging ahead. I know that I will be able to sort out any issues in revisions. What I won’t do is just stop cold turkey. As writers it is so easy to put down something that’s not easy and walk away (and then sulk around for a few days because we know we should be writing, we need to be writing, but aren’t.) That though is the difference between working writers and people who aren’t fully committed. Working writers keep going. They force themselves forward even if the writing is poor, the story has holes and the dialogue is stilted. Why? Because you can always go back and revise (and revise again if needed) once there story is there. If there’s nothing on the paper, well, then you’ve just got a lot of blank paper.

So I’m going to go and take a walk, clear my head, reread the scenes I wrote yesterday and keep going forward. Wish me luck! 

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