NaNo Week 1 Results …

I finished week one of National Novel Writing Month having conquered a major goal – writing fiction every single day. Now, considering I have five published novels and a sixth one coming out next month, you might be surprised by this admission. Truth is, my fiction writing often comes after my other nonfiction writing responsibilities, which in any given week can include news articles, feature writing, fundraising brochures, blogposts and press releases.

If you were to add up my word counts of all the various types of writing on any given week it could easily surpass the 8,000 word mark. What makes this time different is that this was just fiction work. (Yes I did have some nonfiction work thrown in over the last week, though not included in this count.)

While according to the official NaNo tally I should be closer to 12,000 words at this point, I am beyond thrilled with my output.

Is it because I wrote 8,400 words of brilliance? Nope, not even close. What I have accomplished is moving myself 8,400 words closer to completed manuscripts. 8,400 words focused on building my stories, finding out who my characters really are and what makes them tick. 8,400 words of wondering … will it ever get easier?

Truth is it doesn’t get easier. There is no mystery writing fairy who will come and turn my gobble-dee-guck into genius prose.

There’s just me and my writing.

And little by little, word by word, the story will emerge, the characters will come to life and a manuscript will appear. Every day I keep going through NaNoWriMo is one day closer to that goal.

How’s your writing adventure going?

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