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I know you’re all anxiously awaiting the second-half of the A to Z Guide to Character Building and it’s in the works, but this summer has been unusually busy so the guide is taking a short hiatus.

So … what is keeping me so busy? In between all the usual summer stuff (barbecues, trips, family fun) there’s also a little book project I’m working on called “The Accident.” Actually it’s not so little, it’s pretty big and it’s the third book in my Achdus Club series. I’m working on revisions now and, hopefully, it’ll be in stores in late November/early December just in time for Chanukah!

If you’re doing any traveling this summer, make sure to stop into a local bookstore and peruse the aisles. Discover an author you’ve never heard of or try a different genre. Ask the booksellers for suggestions on who the popular hometown authors are and seek out one of their reads.

When you are on vacation and traveling it can be hard to maintain a strict writing schedule, at times like this its good to catch a few minutes here and there whenever possible.  If you can finish up your assignments before you go even better, but if you can’t set aside a specific time (maybe before breakfast and when everyone else is still asleep) to work on your writing. Just don’t let the opportunity for growth as a person and, yes, as a writer pass you by. Enjoy your time at the beach or in the mountains or exploring a new city. Recharge and reset your writing battery. Let your mind wander. You never know what little image or tidbit of history or information will spark your imagination and inspire a column, short story or your new novel.

​Happy Summer!

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