Paper Vs. Technology Keeping Track of, Well, Everything


Ok, so in this crazy digital age that we live in, is it OK to admit how much I love plain old paper, in particular paper planners and calendars? I know there are are probably dozens and dozens of ways to organize writing assignments online, on my phone, in the cloud, by using apps or excel files or …. well, you name it.

The thing is, I love my planners. I like the simplicity of taking out a tried-and-true datebook and entering in an assignment onto the page and then making sure the deadline date is listed in the correct calendar page. There’s something oddly satisifying — a connection if you will with my work that I simply don’t get when it is in the digital sphere.

And, yes, that’s true even if the items are linked to an online calendar.

If I could guess what you are thinking it’d be this — oh, you probably just don’t like technology to begin with. That, however, couldn’t be farther from the truth. I may not be the most tech-savvy person around, but I do enjoy it. (I was the kid that got called out of class for help when the teachers wanted to show a video presentation and couldn’t figure out how to do it.)

​Normally this isn’t a problem as I almost always have my day planner with me. 

However, now that I’m deep into book two of The Achdus Club, there are things that I need to reference and double check from book one. But I don’t always have a copy of the book handy, and once I stop to go find the book or fact check I can lose the momentum. (Lots of my early drafts of anything I write have things like XX or TKTKTK or even ???? as placeholders. It’s not all that pretty.)

So for those of you who have written a series — how do you keep it all organized? Do you carry around a little notebook with the characters names, traits, etc. or do you have a file of info on your computer? What happens when you add new characters to your world? Does it get harder to keep track of everyone and everything? 

And for those of you who thought writing by hand was a lost art, I am happy to report that while giving a talk to a group of third-graders last week one of the kids asked if I write in a notebook. 

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