Prepping My 2020 Reading Log

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For many years, I thought about tracking what I read. Last year was the first time I tried putting that idea into action. I tracked mostly my adult book reads. I included an occasional middle-grade title and completely ignored picture book or chapter book reads. In total, I read more than 50 books, including some nonfiction titles.

I’m hoping to do a little better with my recording in 2020. To get myself on the right track, I created a log and reader tracker in my bullet journal. My pages aren’t artistic (I can’t draw at all), but they are functional.

Among my goals this year, is to track all books regardless of genre and page count. I’ve already recorded my first title of 2020 and I look forward to filling out these layouts.

I also read a ton of newspapers and magazines, but I think trying to track them may be too daunting.

Have you ever tracked your reads? Looking back, was there anything about your reading list that surprised you?

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