Researching History

My new current project is a historical fiction novel for middle-grade readers and I’ve been spending the last few days reading newspapers and letters from the Civil War era. I’ve also been pouring over historical maps and railroad time lines.

As part of my research, I’ve been uncovering lots of little gems from my time period. Some of them have made it into the story, for instance, a two-word description of a boat caption, who I otherwise would not know anything about, but some are just plain fascinating.

Case in point, this article appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer in December 1862. It is all about the children’s song “The House that Jack Built” and how it is a derivative of the Passover song Chad Gadyah, which is a part of the Haggadah. This article is not relevant to my story, but was a supercool find. Enjoy!

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