Snail Mail Surprise!

Let’s face it. For most of us these days, going to the mailbox means opening up more junk mail, the occasional catalog for a company we actually like and finding the dreaded bill.

This week, however, my postal carrier delivered a nice surprise. A girl from New York wrote to me to tell me how much she loves the Achdus Club. It was absolutely adorable! Written in her handwriting, you could tell how much thought and time she put into the letter. I loved seeing the words that were just a little too advanced for her age, which she spelling out phonetically. I think the creative spelling just added to the fun and warmth of the letter.

In this day of limited “fun” mail, why not take a minute or two, grab a note card or even just a piece a paper and send a letter to someone you admire or love or just someone you haven’t talked to for a while. You’re guaranteed to make someone’s day!

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