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Lately there’s been quite a bit of talk on an online writers group that I belong to about juggling assignments. Usually I’m pretty good about keeping it all straight in my head if not in a day planner, but  I do wonder if there is a more efficient way of doing it.

An different online group I belong to swear by an APP called Trello for Business. I’m not yet convinced. I tried setting it up — you can break down each item into multiple parts and check things off as you go — but it seemed like it would be very time consuming. (Maybe that’s just me or maybe that’s just the learning curve for using a new APP.)

For instance, through Trello, if I were working on a news feature, I could create a card and list all the steps which would look something like this:

  • Story assignment < Due date (Tomorrow)
  • Call and arrange interview with person No. 1
  • Call and arrange interview with person No. 2
  • Do interview No. 1
  • Do interview No. 2
  • Check social media/news outlets for any last minute developments. (If needed) 
  • Write up the story.
  • Send file to my editor. 
  • Wait for revisions.
  • Revise accordingly; repeat section as needed.

Interesting …. I never realized there are so many steps when I sit down to write an article. (I sort of do this automatically and never break it down; maybe I need Trello after all!)

Bottom line is , if anyone has suggestion that work for them, I’d love to hear them. Feel free to email me directly or comment below.

In the meantime, have a great weekend! 

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