The Winding Road of Fiction

Admittedly, I sometimes have a hard time motivating myself without a firm deadline. I like deadlines. They keep me on track and remind me of the days when I worked at the Jewish Exponent in Philadelphia and had to juggle 2-4 stories a week. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

So when I arranged a deadline for the second book in the Layla’s diary series, I figured it would be a no-brainer.

I was WRONG!

Writing fiction uses a very different mental muscle from journalism. There’s no road map for how to pull it all together. (I cannot plot a book. I’ve tried and it doesn’t work for me.) I just have to travel the road the story wants to take and sometimes it meanders when it should be going straight ahead. Sometimes detours challenge the narrative I am hoping to tell.

I’m back on the right road now. I turned in the edits to Layla’s diary book two, Layla’s Sugarland Adventure, and have started book five in the Achdus Club series.

I want to thank all the bookstores, grandparents, parents and kids who have been asking for a new release. I can’t tell you what your interest has meant to me. Stay tuned, book two is coming and here’s your sneak peek.

Page 1 Layla's diary series
Page one of Layla’s Sugarland Adventure!

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Menucha Publishers Launch Book Club for Jewish Schools

Growing up, I used to wait eagerly for my teacher to hand out the monthly book club catalog. I’d read and reread it, carefully picking out my selection of books, which I received a few weeks later.

That excitement continued when I was a teacher and handed out age-appropriate book club catalogs to my own students. I also used the catalogs to furnish our classroom library and find engaging reads to my students.

Now, yeshiva/day school students can have a similar experience as Menucha Publishers launches its “Classroom Solutions” program. The initiative includes a book club complete with book catalog from which students can order both secular and Jewish books in English. Teachers can learn more about the program at the Menucha Classrooms Solutions.