Thanks to the Bookstores…. 

PictureThis store is well-stocked with copies of Trouble Ahead!

I was at a Judaica store in Monsey, N.Y., yesterday and look what they had stacked up right in the front of the store! It was such a great surprise. Perhaps equally as exciting was the feedback I got from the manager when I said I was the author, and that Trouble Ahead was a sequel to The New Girl. He told me that The New Girl was a great seller for them! Thank you Bais Hasforim, your store is great!

Thanks also to Judaica World in Brooklyn, which included Trouble Ahead in their weekly Facebook round-up of new book releases! 

And a special thanks to Z. Berman in Passaic, N.J., which was the first store to make Trouble Ahead to readers and is a great supporter of the series.

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