The ABC Guide to Characterization

PictureThe A,B,C Guide to Writing contains the entire web series along with additional original writing prompts and details.

Welcome to the newest installment of the ABC Guide to Writing. If you missed the earlier series you can read it in its entirety starting with this post. The series is also available in a workbook with additional writing prompts, tidbits and more. You can find  the book here.
The book was so well received, that I’ve decided to continue the series with a new addition, The ABC Guide to Characterization. Over the next few months, I’ll be offering tips to building your characters and creating a protagonist (or villain) that will draw readers in.
This blog series will include “homework” assignments to help you build your characters. Feel free to use the guide to create your hero, heroine, supporting character and more!
Like The A,B,C Guide To Writing, the Guide to Characterization will be available in book format at the conclusion of the blog series. It will contain additional advice on how to create strong, compelling characters.

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