The Achdus Club books contains some Yiddish and Hebrew words that readers may not be familiar with. This “unofficial” dictionary will help them as they navigate their way through the series. Please note that the translations are not official definitions, but rather are informal translations to ease understanding of the plot and character dialogue.

Shefalah: A term of endearment like cutie.
Baruch Hashem: Thank G-d
Be’ezras Hashem: G-d willing
Mitzvot: Good deeds
Refuah Sheleimah: Get well
Zeidy/Zeide: Grandfather
Neis: Miracle
Tehillim: Psalms
Kapitel: Chapter
Kallah: Bride
Chuppah: Wedding canopy
Pasuk: Sentence
Chumash: Bible, Five Books of Moses
Tatty: Father
Mizrach: East
Brachah: Blessing
Lashon Hara: Gossip
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