The Power of the Written Word


When writers sit down to write our articles, novels, poems, etc., we do so with a bit of excitement and a  bit of trepidation. Will anyone read what I wrote? Will they care? What if they think it’s good or just boring, or worse what if they don’t have an opinion at all? 

Still, we plod on. Maybe we do so because we are on deadline and an editor is waiting in the wings to read what we’ve put on paper. Maybe we do so because the words rattling around in our brains simply demand to be heard. Or, maybe, we write for a completely different reason.

Whatever the case, once our story is out there we have no control over how it is received. We hope for the best, wonder incessantly if anyone will read it and will it matter. Then, if we are treating our writing like a business, we start the cycle all over again.

I’m happy to say that yes, what you write does matter. Someone, somewhere is reading your work and feeling a connection to what you had to say. This message was brought home to me this week by a few  readers of The New Girl, book one in The Achdus Club novels, who mentioned that they had used skills and ideas mentioned in the story to deal with someone new they had met at camp and to deal with kids who weren’t behaving nicely to them or others.

I am completely humbled and floored by this. I don’t think I could have imagined back when I wrote the rough draft four years ago that it would resonate so with readers. Thankfully, it did and I couldn’t be happier. 

As I get ready for the release of Trouble Ahead, book two in the series, this fall, I can only say thank you to those who read book one and hope the next one can also be a positive influence on readers.

To other writers, just know that the seeds you plant with your words may not bear fruit today or tomorrow, but someone, somewhere is waiting for them. 

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