Top 5 Reasons I Haven’t Been Blogging

Hi, I hope to be back to a regular blog publishing schedule soon. In the meantime, here then are my top 5 excuses, um, reasons, for why I haven’t been posting recently.

Snickers, my 92-pound golden retriever, has been known to grab papers with his teeth and shred them. More likely, though, is that he simply gets tired of watching me work and wants my attention. When this happens, he will come over and whine like crazy until I stop what I’m doing and take him for a walk or he’ll put his paw or head on my keyboard making typing impossible. Either way the result is same: No work for Faygie.

Snickers is wondering why I haven’t handed over the treats yet.

2. I got locked out of the admin side of my website. Okay, this one is totally true. To those who are worried, NO, I wasn’t hacked. It’s a bit of a long story, but my colleague/neighbor was able to figure it all out and fix it. I’m back in control. Oh, the power!

3. It’s the summer … well, first it was spring and I wanted a break. Now it’s summer and I want a break and then it’ll be fall and I’ll want a break. (Um, I sound pretty lazy … )

4. I had some “ME” time. This spring/early summer was actually a very busy one both personally and professionally. Among the highlights, I participated in the inaugural Orthodox Union’s Women’s Leadership Summit. This program brought together women from across the United States as well as women from Israel, South Africa and Canada, to talk about our challenges as women leaders. We discussed issues facing the Orthodox Jewish community, got gain vital leadership skills and networked like crazy. It was fantastic. I also attended the American Jewish Press Association’s annual convention in St. Louis. Here, I reunited with old colleagues, met new ones, networked, and listened to some great speakers and panels.

5. DEADLINES. Writing books is incredibly, incredibly hard. I spent much of the spring writing the sequel to Layla’s Vistaville Summer. The book is with my editor now and I know it needs at least one solid rewrite. I may write a more comprehensive about the challenges of this book, but for now I’ll simply say that Layla has a great personality and sometimes trying to contain her adventure to a diary entry is a bit hard. In addition to the book, I’ve also continued to be busy with my article writing at and og at my blog post.

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons I Haven’t Been Blogging

  1. Welcome back to blogging land.
    I’m glad you have access to your site again. Some of your reasons just made me laugh.
    Happy writing!
    Love, light and glitter

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