Using the Achdus Club in Your Classroom

As some of you know, I started The New Girl while I was teaching fourth grade at a Jewish school in Los Angeles. As the school year went on, I incorporated the book into my classroom writing workshop assignments and more. Both The New Girl and Trouble Ahead make excellent books for teachers looking for a guided reading novel that is appropriate for Jewish day school and yeshiva students. 

The books touch on important social issues and values, including friendship, bullying, the importance of helping others and being respectful. 

Wondering if the books would be right for your classroom or how you might utiize them? Consider these questions that can be used with Trouble Ahead readers:

1. Look at the cover of the book, what do you think this story is about?
2. What are your impressions of Ruthie as you start the story?
3. Do you think Hili will be able to forgive Ruthie for what she did? 

1. Did your impression of Ruthie change?
2. Have you ever been to visit someone who is elderly or someone in the hospital? What was that like?
3. Do you think you would have the courage to do what Ruthie did to save Mrs. Golding?
4. Write about a situation where you had to face your fears to do something you knew was right.

I am currently arranging school visits for the winter and spring semesters. If you are interested in having me come and speak with your students about being a writer, the writing process or conduct my “How to Build a Story” workshop, send me an email at

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