Word Play Wednesday


Maybe it’s because I’m a writer, but I love word games. I love finding small words hiding in bigger words, I love guessing the letters to create the right word in Hangman and Wheel of Fortune.

But my love of words extends beyond just puzzles and games, I love finding the right words for my stories.

For instance, I could simply write:

“The boy ran down the narrow lane.”

Or, I could have the same idea, but write: 

“The boy sprinted down the narrow spit of gravel that separated the row of houses on First Street.”

Which story would you rather read? I’m betting it’s the story with the second sentence. As writers we look for the perfect word, as readers we want to pulled in and see the writers vision. That’s what the second sentence does.

YOUR HOMEWORK: Take a look at your work in progress and pick one sentence where you have a simple sentence structure and see if you can increase the depth and vibrancy of your story. 

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