Writing Again, and Two Stories


After a few days of merely pecking at my keyboard, writing and rewriting the same scene or two I’ve figured out the problem and how to move forward. Sometimes, you really do just have to power through the bad writing days to get the story done. Even if you don’t like what you’re writing at the moment, when you continue to sit and write and show up, you’re training your brain to work as a writer. 

I know a lot of people are already on holiday/vacation mode and are having a hard time sitting down at the computer this week to write. My advice? Get a very small notebook — like the kind you used for writing down your homework in elementary school – and carry it in your pocketbook or back pocket along with a mini-pen and try and at least jot down some ideas, phrases, scenes, character sketches so your work doesn’t come to a grinding halt. 

On another topic, I recently wrote a few Chabad.org stories that you may have missed but are worth checking out:
* Have kids at home next week? Did you know some Chabad Houses run “Winter Camps,” complete with trips, crafts and more.
* Sometimes you hear about a person who has an amazing life story and who you’d like to spend time getting to know, Christina Hacker of rural Australia is one of those people. 

Hope you are having a productive week! 

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